Advisory Solutions

Whether you are an asset manager, an asset gatherer, or a financial planner, IC Advisory Services, Inc. offers a robust RIA platform to suit your business needs.

The Investment Center offers advisory services through IC Advisory Services, Inc. - an SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).  

We offer a non-proprietary approach to a wide choice of advisory services and solutions, including:


  • Open architecture advisor managed programs - You have the ability to create custom portfolios for your clients.
  • Selling agreements with numerous third-party managers - Offering some of the most dynamic money management talent in the industry.
  • Financial planning - You have the flexibility to create financial plans, implement hourly planning agreements, or provide services for a flat fee.


We invite you to explore this section of our website to learn more about how IC Advisory Services has established an RIA that offers it all.

Advisor Managed Programs

Our open architecture advisor managed programs provide you with flexible investment options and a high degree of customization.

Choose from our advisor managed programs when you prefer to apply your personal portfolio management skills.

Sub-Advised Portfolios

What works in one series of financial market conditions may not work well in another. Our portfolios seek to adapt to this changing environment. The foundation for our management technique is Active Asset Allocation. Following the principles of Active Asset Allocation we seek to overweight, underweight, and avoid trends in the global capital markets.

Third Party Managers

Through programs such as Envestnet, Lockwood, and Assetmark, you will have access to a comprehensive list of third-party managers.

Third Party Programs

We offer a wide range of asset allocation advisory programs that utilize innovative product structures and draw upon the expertise of world-class money managers.