Wealth Solutions

As the affluent population grows, advisors must expand their capabilities, deepen their relationships, and offer more of their time in order to stay competitive. Through our relationship with Pershing LLC, you have access to experts to help guide clients through complex situations. 

Wealth Solutions

Wealth solutions can help address the financial goals of your high-net-worth clients. The use of stock options to compensate executive and management level employees is widespread. As a result, significant wealth is being generated at a rapid pace. Wealth continues to accumulate by more traditional means as well—through inheritances, gifts, and estate planning. Your high-net-worth clients may realize substantial gains with these assets, but they also face considerable implications such as the risk associated with holdings concentrated in a single sector, possible tax consequences, and limited liquidity.


Pershing’s Wealth Solutions can help you and your clients address these potential issues and maximize the opportunities they present:

  • Handling the impact of significant wealth events (sale of a family business, retirement with significant assets, an inheritance, etc.)
  • Complex legacy planning and charitable giving design
  • Dealing with concentrated equity positions
  • Developing customized portfolios incorporating sophisticated investment strategies
  • Seeking maximum returns on large cash portfolios
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Asset protection strategies


Employee Stock Options

Many companies offer their valued employees stock options in order to encourage ownership, foster commitment to the company, and share in the company’s success. Options that are "in the money" may represent sizeable elements of compensation at executive or management level. If your clients wish to exercise their employee stock options without funding the transactions independently, CES can facilitate a variety of alternatives. Your clients have the option to exercise their stock options in a full or partial sale, with the ability to margin all or a portion of the shares. You can utilize the resources in CES that are required to expedite this process, giving your clients prompt access to liquidity and allowing them to take advantage of these rewards, as available funds may be used for further investment and diversification. 

Trust Services

Trusts are one of the most important planning tools for households with more than $1 million in investable assets. Pershing’s Trust Network provides you with a variety of trust services available through a choice of corporate trustees. Choose from some of the nation’s most highly regarded trust companies, including The Advisory Trust Company of Delaware, Comerica Bank & Trust, NA, New York Private Trust Company, Reliance Trust Company, Santa Fe Trust, and Wilmington Trust Company. This open-architecture program provides a full menu of solutions geared to meet virtually any personal trust need, whether full trustee, agent-for-trustee, or trust reporting services.

CreditAdvance® - Margin Lending

A margin lending product your clients can leverage to manage the growth of their portfolio and solve liquidity needs. This product is typically used to purchase additional securities.


Benefits include:

  • Expanded investment power to help your clients pursue their objectives.
  • Flexible terms and competitive rates with no additional fees.

LoanAdvance™ - Securities-Based Consumer Lending

A securities-based lending tool designed to meet your clients personal, consumer, and business needs.


Benefits include:

  • Enhanced borrowing power that can be used for personal or business needs with no immediate requirement to disturb a single investment holding.
  • Ability to borrow 70% or more of the market value of qualified securities at competitive interest rates with no established repayment term and no additional fees.

Fully Paid Securities Lending

Provide high-net-worth clients, with fully paid positions in their cash accounts, the ability to loan those securities to Pershing to generate an additional revenue stream for their portfolio.


Benefits include:

  • Enables qualified investors to lend fully paid-for securities in their cash accounts to Pershing
  • A portion of the revenue earned is shared with your firm and your client.
  • Uninterrupted client account positions for purposes of profits, losses, tax-lot accounting, hedges, and holdings representation—plus substitute payments for dividends.

Lending Solutions

Private Banking lending solutions are available to The Investment Center. The lending products they offer below act as asset gathering tools as well as retention vehicles.  


Investment Credit Line (ICL) – key features:

  • Line of credit secured by marketable securities
  • Minimum line of credit amount $1,000,000; no obligation to carry a balance
  • No initial or annual fee
  • Loan proceeds cannot be used to purchase margin securities
  • Collateral accounts in multiple registration names permitted to secure the same line of credit
  • Generally, no financial disclosure for credit amounts <$20,000,000
  • For extremely competitive pricing, please contact your Private Banker directly


Jumbo Mortgage – key features:

  • Ability to respond and close loans in under 30 days nationwide
  • Up to 100% financing to minimize untimely liquidations and their possible tax consequences
  • Hybrid mortgages that allow one loan to use both fixed and variable rate products to match future liquidity events
  • No cash-out restriction or seasoning
  • Construction loans where the rate is locked in at the inception and not after construction when rates could be higher
  • Interest-only payment option available on adjustable-rate and fixed-rate mortgages
  • Ability to title vest in the name of a trust or LLC


Other important mortgage related guidelines:

  • Primary and secondary residential owner occupied properties only
  • $500,000 minimum loan amount
  • Borrowers must have $250,000 minimum personal non-retirement liquid assets to apply