Women Advisors Group

Empowering Success Through Collaboration

The Investment Center, Inc. has made a commitment to foster an environment of support and success for female advisors. We created a Women Advisors Group to encourage peer-to-peer mentorship, cultivate a sense of camaraderie, share best practices, and help with succession planning. The Women Advisors Group is empowering its members to achieve their business goals.


Our commitment to the Women Advisors Group:

  • Facilitate networking opportunities with other female advisors
  • Coordinate mentorship for younger or less-experienced female advisors
  • Respond to the business support needs of female advisors
  • Provide dedicated sessions at meetings and conferences for unique challenges faced by female advisors
  • Hold an annual conference specifically designed for our female advisors
  • Organize quarterly meetings with an option to attend at the home office or via a conference call

Joyce Cool on Her Experience with our Women Advisors Group