Our Affiliated Registered Investment Advisor

Our Affiliated Registered Investment Advisor - IC Advisory Services, Inc. - An SEC Registered Investment Advisor

Providing Sound Investment Advice


More than ever, investing requires the need for analysis and investment solutions to help realize an investor’s financial needs. IC Advisory Services, Inc. has developed a sophisticated platform to help investors address their situation.


The platform is flexible, providing investors with the opportunity to first enter into a financial planning relationship or to immediately invest into one of the many investment choices available. By choosing to develop a strategy through a financial planning relationship, typically goal based planning, your designated financial advisor (Investment Advisor Representative (IAR)) will help map out a financial plan based on needs and lifestyle choices. IARs will then help manage the plan and will typically review on a regular basis to make certain an investor stays on course and keeps goals in sight.


Some may choose to begin investing immediately through one of the many investment programs offered through IC Advisory Services, Inc. The choices are abundant, ranging from mutual fund and ETF wrap programs to equity and fixed income managed accounts. Wrap programs place an investor into an asset allocation mix based on risk tolerance, whereas managed accounts may be more customized, giving an investor the opportunity to work with the manager to tailor a portfolio. Another option available is an investor may elect to have an Advisor Managed Account, where the IAR personally manages the investor’s portfolio. The IAR utilizes one of many research programs available to help the investor stay on course to meet their investment needs and objectives.