Research Tools

The Investment Center offers all the tools you'll need to stay on top of current market trends and efficiently research products. 

Access all of the tools necessary to track news, quotes, and perform research.


Market Data


NetX360® is a single point of access for professionals to manage their business and support their clients' needs by focusing on data and analytics to re-imagine the experience and support their needs. The benefits of NetX360 include improved process flows with global search to make it easy to find information, a streamlined experience and accessible integration partnership across a variety of solutions for market data, news, research, financial planning and reporting tools.  Includes access to NetX360 Mobile.

Charts - Intraday and Historical

Create impressive charts on over 10,000 stocks and mutual funds that can be compared to other securities or indices. 

Quotes - Delayed

Unlimited access to delayed stock, mutual fund, option, and index quotes from all major U.S. exchanges on a 20 minute delayed basis. Symbol look-up is included in this service.

Quotes - Real-Time

Obtain real-time stock, option, and mutual fund quotes. Snapshots of up to 20 symbols can be created, tracked, and compared. Symbol look-up is included in this service. 

Time and Sales

Request Time and Sales, and Time and Quote information for equities. Last sale, bid, and ask information is available on a tick-by-tick basis across all exchanges for up to 20 days. 

Historical Pricing

View Historical Prices for individual equities and indices for up to 10 years or more (depending on availability) from a single source, eliminating the need for a third party solution.

NASDAQ Level II Quotes

This service will provide a real-time streaming view of the depth of the market by showing all bids and offers, among all market makers and electronic communication networks for NASDAQ securities.

News Services


Symbol-specific, full-text corporate news releases, the majority of which are business or financial announcements that publically held companies are required to disclose. (Included with Dow Jones Business News and Reuters News.)

Dow Jones Advisor Pro

Focused set of news stories designed specially for the unique needs of financial advisors, including real-time financial market updates from the North American equity markets, in-depth coverage on tax legislation, estate planning, and personal finance. Includes news from The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, SmartMoney, WSJ.com, and The Securities Industry News.

Dow Jones News Service

This is the premier professional level service that makes all of the Dow Jones Broadtape stories available in real-time. This service provides over 3,000 items a day from Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and Smart Money. Users can search for stories by ticker symbol or by topic.

PR Newswire

Symbol-specific, full-text news releases from public and private companies and organizations. (Included with Dow Jones Business News and Reuters News.)

Reuters News and Commentary

Keep up to date with the latest market headlines and news stories. Select headlines and full stories by category or symbol. Prospects may only view headlines. This service requires execution of a separate agreement with Reality Online, Inc.

Research Tools

Annual Reports

Bay Tact Corp. fulfills the Annual Report requests. They distribute annual reports for over 3,000 publicly held companies via the Public Register's Annual Report Service (PRARS).

CSFB Research

CSFB research covers 98% of the S&P 500 and more than 3,000 domestic and foreign stocks. Each research report is indexed by Title, Time of posting, Analyst, Securities covered, and Number of Pages. The reports are available to view or download in PDF format. Following are some of the reports available: Intraday Research, Research Notes, CSFB Tech Daily, First Edition - U.S. Alert, Morning Summary Notes, and Portfolio Manager's Weekly.


Offers quantitative or "technical" analysis that measures market risk--how investors and traders are actually trading. The core of MarketEdge research, Second Opinions are Buy/Hold/Sell opinions on nearly 5,000 stocks representing over 90% of the daily volume on the NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ markets. Includes Smart Chart interactive charting.

MarketEdge Second Opinion

Second Opinion are Buy/Hold/Sell recommendations on stocks covered by MarketEdge. Second Opinion includes a five-part technical analysis and a resulting numerical score for interpretation purposes.

Morningstar Advisor Workstation

Included in this service is Morningstar Style Box, which incorporates many of the features of the Morningstar Advisor Workstation in NetX360: Includes more variables than price-to-earnings and price-to-book ratios Evaluates growth distinctly from value and includes forward-looking variables. You will be able to construct Better Portfolios using Ownership Zones, Better Benchmarks, and Sector Diversification. Use these Morningstar Advisor Workstation tools to improve communication, demonstrate how your clients' portfolios are performing, and show how you plan to help them achieve their investment objectives. Drive your advice home with Morningstar's signature reports, which you can access online, print, or download.

Morningstar Equity Research

Provides independent Morningstar perspective and brand name recognition with analysis and ratings of 1,800 stocks. This offering also provides access to Morningstar's flagship Tortoise and Hare stock portfolios, Strategist columns, and daily videos. The data pages include up to 10 years of financial history on more than 9,800 stocks.

Morningstar Portfolio Builder

Creates portfolio proposals based on a client's current holdings and risk tolerance. In a step-by-step approach, Portfolio Builder helps you quickly capture relevant client data, determine risk tolerance, and identify an appropriate asset allocation in constructing a suitable portfolio. Portfolio Builder can then generate a FINRA reviewed report that can be shared with clients.

Morningstar Annuity Intelligence

Streamlines the research of contract and subaccount-level details so you can easily explain and recommend variable annuities to clients while meeting compliance needs. Annuity Analyzer contains the most comprehensive universe of variable annuity data available, including reports on more than 1,400 variable annuity contracts and 55,000 subaccounts, as well as transparent descriptions of death and living benefits. Historical data is also available to evaluate contracts.

Morningstar Portfolio X-Ray

Shows the details of a portfolio, based on the underlying holdings of the managed investment products and individual securities held in the portfolio. With rich graphical elements, such as the Morningstar Style Box and the Sector Graph, this tool instantly illustrates the portfolio's level of diversification. Portfolio X-Ray is available directly in NetX360® via the Customer Holdings tab to provide you with instant analysis of one account or of household accounts. The feature also includes the Correlation Matrix and Stock Intersection reports, both of which can be viewed online or downloaded as PDF reports.

Morningstar Fund Analytics

Morningstar Fund Research offers the industry's most comprehensive information and insight into more than 16,500 mutual funds. Investment professionals can access comprehensive fund profile pages designed for use with clients, query the database to find funds meeting specific criteria, save personal searches and favorite lists, access Morningstar reports, view underlying holdings data, and read insightful Morningstar Fund Analyst Reports on approximately 2,000 funds. Investment professionals who use Morningstar Fund Research can provide an expert opinion on any mutual fund their client currently holds or is considering purchasing.

Standard & Poor's Stock Reports and StockScan

Access in-depth facts, figures, and projections for thousands of companies. You'll receive key statistics to give you a definitive picture of a stocks overall value plus Wall Street consensus opinion, industry analysis, and news. This service also includes complimentary access to StockScan, a research tool to identify equities matching specific user defined criteria.

Standard & Poor's MarketScope

MarketScope is an online, real-time investment information service, providing daily information on over 9,000 corporations. It includes timely analysis of stocks and industry developments, exclusive recommendations that meet specific investment and portfolio criteria, penetrating comments on current stock, bond and currency market activity, and Wall Street Consensus earnings estimates for approximately 6,000 companies.

Standard & Poor's Equity Mutual Fund ETF

Provides access to Standard & Poor's research on domestic equities, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Standard & Poor's Global Stock Research

Provides access to Standard & Poor's research on domestic and international equities, and to U.S. and European Market Scope (Market Movers, Research Notes, S&P portfolios, Street Talk and other features).

Standard & Poor's U.S. Research

Provides access to Standard & Poor's research on domestic equities and U.S. MarketScope.

Standard & Poor's Wealth Manager

Provides access to Standard & Poor's research on domestic and international equities, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, variable annuities, and industry surveys. Also provides access to U.S. and European MarketScope.

Standard & Poor's Fixed Income

Provides access to Standard & Poor's research on fixed income offerings.

Standard & Poor's Option Strategy

Provides access to Standard & Poor's research on option trading strategies. 

The Rankings Service

View research that applies a unique method to mutual fund coverage. This service tracks the performance of the fund manager over the span of the manager's career instead of tracking fund performance. The service includes lists of the top 100 fund managers, top 10 managers by 15 different fund types, and fund manager profiles, all updated daily.

Thomson Company Reports

View the latest insider activity and institutional holdings on thousands of companies. Fundamentals, key ratios, and First Call earnings estimates are also provided on each company.

Financial Tools

Price, Volume and News Alerts

Offers clients customized wireless alerts and notifications. Price, volume, and news alerts can be sent to pagers, PCS cellular phones, and e-mail addresses. Midday portfolio updates, end of day portfolio valuations, and market updates can also be sent to these devices.

FundScan Lipper Analytical Data

Access detailed profiles on thousands of mutual funds. Also, use FundScan to search for funds that meet a specified criteria.

The Retirement Center

The Retirement Center is free of charge and is designed to help investment professionals provide additional customer service relating to Retirement products. There are calculators to assist you in evaluating which type of IRA will provide the greatest amount of after-tax income at retirement, as well as tools to evaluate the benefits of converting (or not converting) Traditional IRA funds to a Roth IRA. There is a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) calculator and other wealth-forecasting tools to assist with planning an investor's retirement needs.

Intuit Tax Center

A year-round informational website that provides useful tax tools and timely tax information from the experts that create TurboTax® products. The Tax Center includes access to tax planning and preparation articles and tips, tools that help estimate taxes, analyze and compare 401(K) plans, analyze stock options, and a 15% discount on TurboTax federal products.

Financial Calculators from FinanCenter

Provide a wide range of financial calculators to your NetExchange site. Through a referral agreement, FinanCenter brands the calculators according to your preferences and Pershing then integrates the calculators seamlessly into your NetExchange site.