Go Paperless

Make a powerful choice... go paperless. Enjoy the ability to access, download, print and email your documents any time.

Go Paperless Instructions

Many investors enjoy the convenience, security and “anywhere access” made possible by accessing their accounts online. We’ve made it easy for you to go paperless—with just a few clicks, you can eliminate paper brokerage account statements and trade confirmations. Instead of receiving paper copies, you can view them online as soon as they are available. Statements are securely stored for 10 years, trade confirmations for six years and other tax documents for seven years.

In order to sign up of e-delivery, the investor must have access to NetXInvestor.  You may download all instructions by clicking HERE.


Step 1

To sign up for e-delivery, the investor, once logged in, may click “Go Paperless” from the top right of any page. Note that the top menu bar will differ depending on if the investor has full online access, or only access for e-delivery.


Step 2

After clicking “Go paperless”, the investor may click “Quick Enroll” to enroll all account communications automatically, or click “Edit” to enroll accounts and communications individually. 


Step 3

  • If the investor has chosen “Edit”, they must check the box next to the account communications they wish to receive electronically. The investor can return to this screen and update preferences at any time.
  • If the investor chooses to receive proxy and shareholder communications electronically, they will be asked to enter a four-digit numerical Personal Identification Number (PIN), then click Save PIN.  
  • When finished, the investor may click Save. 


Step 4

On the next screen, the investor clicks “I agree,” giving his or her consent to receive electronic account communications.


Step 5

After agreeing, the investor will see a pop-up screen confirming choices; they will also receive an e-mail confirmation as well as a letter, for security purposes. After enrollment, the investor will only receive chosen account communications electronically. 

Accessing Electronic Documents

  • An e-mail will be sent to the investor when a new account communication is available to view online. 
  • To view the communication, the investor may log in to NetXInvestor and click “Communications,” then make a selection from the list that appears on the left


Have Additional Questions?

Please contact your financial advisor if you have any questions about NetXInvestor® or need assistance with the log in or enrollment process.