Client Fees

Below is a breakdown of client fees through Pershing LLC.

Account Inactivity Fee *

$50.00 annually

The fee is waived if one commissionable trade is placed in the account within the calendar year.


Retirement Custodial Fee
(Traditional IRA, IRS model SEP, Roth IRA and Education IRA)

$50.00 annually

The fee is charged per account.


Retirement Custodial Fee
(SARSEP, Simple IRA, 403(b)(7) Custodial Accounts and Plans and Qualified Plans)

$60.00 annually

The fee is charged per account.


IRA Termination Fee


When closing or transferring an IRA account, the termination fee applies.  Yearly maintenance fee may also be applicable.


IRA Conversion Fee


The fee will apply for a conversion to a Roth IRA from a Traditional IRA and from a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.


Account Transfer Fee


The fee will be charged to any account transferring out of Pershing LLC.


Margin Extensions


Margin extensions are charged to the client.
Only five extensions are allowed in a one year period.


Reorganization Fee


Pershing will pass on the fee charged by the transfer agent to the client.


Federal Funds Wire Fee


All Fed Fund wires are charged a $20.00 fee. If the Fed Fund amount is $25,000.00 or more, a notarized LOA is required.


Returned Check Fee

$25.00 per check

If a client deposits a check into their account and the check is declined, the fee will apply per check.


Bounced Check Fee

$20.00 per check

If the client writes a Resource or Corestone check and the check is declined, the fee will apply per check.


Overnight Check Delivery

$15.00, $18.00 and $30.00

The fee will apply to any overnight check requested by the client from their money market account.

$15.00 for standard delivery guaranteed by 3:30 pm.
$18.00 for priority delivery guaranteed by 10:30 am.
$30.00 for Saturday delivery


Register and Ship Fee

$10.00 per transaction

If a physical certificate is requested in the account name or in an alternate name or registration, the fee will apply.
(Alternate name or registration requires notarized LOA).


Legal Transfer Fee

$60.00 per CUSIP per deposit

Stock certificates that are being deposited with any legal documents (anything other than a stock power).


Employee Stock Option

$20.00 per transaction

**Other fees may apply.**


Rule 144 Restricted Certificates


$20.00 per transaction plus the $50.00 legal transfer fee – other fees may apply. Call the Home Office for assistance.


DK Items

$10.00 per item

Any failed DVP/RVP trade will be charged the fee.


EuroClear Receive and Delivery Fees

$50.00 per item


All Other Foreign Securities Receive and Delivery Fees

$75.00 per item

Local market settlement.


Foreign Securities Safekeeping

$2.00 per Account, per Position, per Month

Foreign securities safekeeping fee may be subject to additional custody fees.


Mutual Fund and SRS Exchanges

$4.00 per exchange

Applies to any exchange within the same fund family.


Fractional Share Equity Dividend Reinvestment

$1.00 per item

There is a $3.00 minimum to reinvest after the $1.00 has been deducted from the dividend.

Corestone, Retirement (B1, B3), and Fee Based accounts are exempt from the fee and no minimum will apply.


DRS - Direct Registration Fee


The Direct Registration Fee can apply to any non-ACAT processed by the transfer agent.


Corestone® Account  

Silver/Silver Plus

$25.00/$50.00 annually with first year free

Benefits include unlimited check writing, daily cash sweep, online bill payment, telephone access.

No debit card for Silver.  For Silver Plus there is no charge access to 6,500 PNC ATMs and 43,000 Allpoint network ATMs.


Corestone® Account


$100.00 annually with first year free

All the benefits of the Silver level along with free dividend reinvestment, a Gold debit card, enhanced reporting, expense tracking, purchase and travel protection, and a complimentary, point-based rewards program.

Up to $5 per month reimbursement on non-network ATMs.


Corestone® Account


$150.00 annually with first year free

All the benefits of the Silver and Gold levels.  In addition, a Platinum debit card with higher withdrawal limits, discounts on check orders and stop payments at no charge.  The rewards program features higher point accumulation, concierge services and minimal travel restrictions.  And up to $10 per month reimbursement on non-network ATMs.


Corestone® Account

Check Order Fee

$7.50 - $12.50 per order

First set of 40 checks and cover is free.

Silver: Reorders of 100 for $12.50

Gold: Reorders of 100 for $10.00

Platinum: Reorders of 100 for $7.50


Coreston® Account - Check Copy

$2.50 per copy

Pricing applies to all accounts: Silver, Silver Plus, Gold & Platinum.


Corestone Account® - Debit Card Replacement Fee


No debit card for Silver.  No replacement fee for Silver Plus, Gold & Platinum.


Corestone Account® - Bill Payment Services

No additional charge; Unlimited transactions

Applies to all accounts: Silver, Silver Plus, Gold & Platinum.


Copies of Client Statements

$1.50 per statement per month or $15.00 per month on CD

X-tops for brokers are not permitted.


Periodic Investment Plans (PIP) and Systematic Withdrawal Plans (SWPS)

$1.00 per transaction


Private Placement Fee

$50.00 annually

Charged for holding any private placement in a brokerage account.



* Custody fees are assessed to accounts defined as inactive, i.e., accounts holding a security position for a calendar year (January 1 - December 31) without generating a trade, or free credit/margin interest of $100 or more. Systematic reinvestment activity in mutual funds (SRS system) and/or exchange activity in mutual funds (FundServ) will be considered as a trade. However, dividend reinvestment activity is not considered as a trade. Custody fees do not apply to Corestone® accounts, Pershing LLC retirement accounts or retirement accounts where Pershing acts as "Servicing Agent" and collects service fees for tax reporting etc. Accounts exclusively holding "book entry only" fixed income positions, an aggregate FundVest position of $10,000 or more, or an Alliance money fund balance of $10,000 per month or more will also be exempt from this fee. Finally, the annual custody fee will be discounted 50% for proprietary bank IRAs or for accounts that exclusively hold mutual funds.