Text Messaging

Texting can offer advisors quick and efficient communication with clients.  Unauthorized texting through a phone’s app is a FINRA violation and subject to disciplinary measures. The Investment Center is pleased to be able to offer our advisors a compliant way to communicate with their clients via text. 

Celltrust SL2

Advisors who sign up to for the Celltrust SL2 solution will have an app on their cell phone enabling them to send a text through the app to a client’s mobile number, and when the client replies via text, the message appears in the app.  The client’s experience is like any other SMS text message.   Every text conversation within the app is automatically archived by SMARSH, recorded daily and reviewed.  For more information on messaging through SL2, please click here.

Redtail Speak

Redtail’s texting solution, Redtail Speak is also approved for use. For more information on Redtail Speak, please click here.