Client Presentation Tools

To keep all the moving pieces of your practice seamlessly connected, you need access to integrated, efficient technology. 

The following tools are available to help enhance your client meetings:

Broadridge Advisor Solutions

Broadridge Advisor Solutions a single-source marketing partner for financial services professionals with efficient, effective, and economical multi-touch, multi-channel marketing solutions so their business can achieve its full potential.  By combining the capabilities and solutions of leading firms, the firm able to bring holistic marketing, communication, and data offerings to wealth management firms and individual advisors.


Morningstar Advisor Workstation™

Morningstar Advisor Workstation is an integrated solution for advisors to boost their productivity while enhancing their delivery of personalized, client-oriented service.  The Workstation helps accomplish these objectives with flexible online tools that streamline client assessment activities, enhance the investment selection process, improve the effectiveness of portfolio management, and automate client communications.


Morningstar Portfolio Builder™

Morningstar Portfolio Builder offers you a defined step-by-step process to create portfolio proposals for clients. With Portfolio Builder, you can construct appropriate portfolios based on a client’s current holdings and risk tolerance.


Morningstar Portfolio X-Ray™

Morningstar Portfolio X-Ray illustrates how a particular investment or group of investments can drive the performance of a portfolio. Use this tool to dig below the surface and evaluate the portfolio’s aggregate characteristics to identify portfolio weaknesses and strengths. Then use its FINRA-reviewed reports to clearly explain your proposed changes to your clients.


Morningstar Fund Analytics™

Get the tools and information to help clients make informed mutual fund investment decisions.  Read Morningstar Fund Research for instant access to information on 16,000 mutual funds in Morningstar's database.  Learn about the latest developments in the changing mutual fund industry with Morningstar Editorial.  Illustrate for clients virtually any investment scenario with Morningstar Fund Hypotheticals, including initial and systematic investments and withdrawals, custom fees and rebalancing.


Morningstar Annuity Analyzer™

Morningstar Annuity Analyzer streamlines the process of researching contract and subaccount-level detail, making it easier to recommend and explain variable annuities to clients while meeting compliance needs. During their research, advisors have access to the most comprehensive universe of variable annuity data available. Including reports on more than 1,400 variable annuity contracts and more than 55,000 subaccounts, as well as transparent death and living benefit descriptions.