Advisor Marketing Program

AMP UP Your Business with The Investment Center's Advisor Marketing Program.

Have you ever wished you could have a dedicated marketing coach? Do you feel like you’re spending money on marketing with no return on investment? The Investment Center has the solution – the Advisor Marketing Program (AMP), a customized marketing coaching program tailored to your business goals. When you sign up, it’s almost like hiring a virtual member of your team.

The Advisor Marketing Program

  • A customized marketing program tailored to each advisor’s needs and goals
  • Combines over 25 years of marketing knowledge with proven techniques from various financial industry marketing experts
  • Includes a working marketing plan complete with calendar, budget, and metrics
  • Drives accelerated revenue growth through the expansion of existing client relationships and acquisition
  • Uses a proven model to develop a referral network of Centers of Influence (COIs)
  • Helps establish a client appreciation process that leads directly to introductions and referrals

    AMP is NOT a one-size fits all program.


What's Included:

Planning The program starts with two 3 hour planning sessions designed to provide a thorough understanding of your business model and client base, the basis for your personalized program. 


Complete Marketing Audit An assessment of your current marketing collateral and activities, e.g. website, brochures, social media, etc.


Marketing Plan Using the results of the assessment and first planning session a customized marketing plan will be provided tailored to your business goals. The second planning session will be used to go over the plan and decide on any changes needed.


Marketing Calendar & Budget After the second planning session your final marketing plan will be provided along with a marketing calendar and budget.


Ongoing Coaching Calls First six months: 1 hour one-on-one monthly coaching call (with you or your assistant).
After six months: 30 minute check-in call once a month.


Social Media Support Help setting up your social media, how to effectively use it, what content to use, and how to manage your site, up to 30 minutes per month. This does not include postings.


Client Events Help with planning 1 client event per month. This includes verbiage for invitations, post-event emails, agendas, and advice on follow-up.


CRM Support Advise on making the most of your Client Relationship Manager (CRM) to help manage your practice and grow your business.


Assessment Help with measuring return on investment (ROI) per marketing tactic and a 2 hour assessment of your program.

AMP Wins WealthManagement.com Industry Award

The WealthManagement.com Industry Awards recognize outstanding achievement, innovation and support among vendors and suppliers serving the financial advisor industry. The 2016 awards — 59 in all — were handed out to 48 companies among 122 finalists and more than 400 nominations.

What our Advisors are saying

"The marketing program has been a tremendous success. It has provided programs to cultivate Centers of Influence relationships, structure in maintaining consistent contact with our current clients,  and helped increase awareness of our firm in our community and our target market."


John B.

"Working with Nicola was truly a business altering benefit. We discussed my goals then worked to refine and focus our efforts. One year later my practice had grown $14.5m of assets under management. It's through the focus and purpose of our work together that my practice is really growing."


Lou T.

"Eight months ago we were concerned about our survival. With the help of TIC's marketing department and programs, that concern has melted away. The flow of referrals and resulting new business has been rejuvenated. We are writing new business and acquiring new clients again!"


Rob R. & Joyce C.

For more information, contact:

Nicola Sutton, Director of Marketing
(908) 707-4422
[email protected]


​These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers and there is no guarantee of future performance or success